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Doris ~ August 5

Posted: August 5, 2012 in 365 Goddesses
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Fairhope Jubilee (Alabama)



Abundance; Providence; Water


Seawater, Plants, and Animals (especially fish)

About Doris:

The daughter of Oceanus, this Grecian sea goddess is associated with the sea’s gifts and its wealth. She joins in today’s festivities by bringing an abundance of seafood to nourish the body, as well as spiritual sustenance to fulfill our souls.

To Do Today:

The Fairhope Jubilee takes place in Mobile Bay, Alabama, sometime in August when there’s an overcast sky, an easterly wind, and a rising tide. When these three factors are in place an odd phenomenon occurs: bottom-dwelling fish get trapped between the shore and low-oxygen water. So people rush out with any containers they can find and gather up Doris’s plenty! For us, this equates to gathering up the sea’s plenty figuratively, perhaps by having fish for dinner. Remember to thank Doris as you eat so that you internalize her providence.

To make a Doris charm that will draw abundance into any area of your life in need, find a seashell, a tumbled sea stone, or something similar that comes from the ocean. Place the token in seawater for three hours by a waxing moon so that abundance will grow like the moon. Bless it saying,

Doris, by this gift from your seas, draw abundance and wealth to me.

Like a wave upon high tide, let your blessings here abide.

Carry the token regularly.