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Hiroshima Peace Ceremony (Japan)



Peace; Honor; History; Death; Forgiveness



About Nakisawame-no-Mikoto:

The goddess of mourning in Japan, Nakisawame-no-Mikoto weeps with the memories of the many innocent people who have died in wars throughout the ages. She comes into our hearts today in the hope that we will learn from our collective past.

According to tradition, Nakisawame-no-Mikoto lives in the base of trees, her roots holding firm to the earth and its history. This also speaks strongly of our family trees and the importance of kinship.

To Do Today:

On August 6, 1945, the atom bomb landed in Hiroshima, resulting in the loss of thousands of lives and many years of radiation sickness. In the spirit of Nakisawame-no-Mikoto, today acts as a memorial to the people who died and a celebration of the peace that has since been maintained. Traditionally, tiny paper lanterns are floated on flowing waters as wishes for the dead. So, light a candle today for someone you know who died needlessly, or fighting for a just cause. The flame of the candle represents the goddess and the memory of that person whose efforts light the way for a better future.

To encourage peace between yourself and someone else, plant a token that represents your desire beneath a tree so that this goddess can begin helping you achieve harmony.