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Healing Spell For Animals

Posted: July 30, 2012 in Spells

This is a wonderful and very simple spell to protect the health of your beloved pet familiar.

Magickal Supplies Needed:
Brown spell candle
Anointing oil for healing or health.
Small Egyptian Ankh or pentacle charm.
Blue water dish for your pet to drink from.
If your pet wears a collar, take it off and fasten the Ankh or pentacle charm on it.

Anoint your candle with your magickal oil from bottom to top. Light your candle. (For safety reasons, you should not do this where your pet might be burned, although as long as you are supervising, it is best if they are in the room with you.)

Gaze into the flame and envision your pet healthy and vibrant with shining eyes and a glossy coat of fur. (Or scales, fins, wings, etc. depending on what type of animal you are working the spell for.)

Pass the moonstone through the smoke of the spell candle three times, each time chanting the following chant.

“Beloved friend and magickal familiar,
May the Goddess smile on you as healer,
Vibrant, strong and never ill,
Her light is yours to keep you well.”

Place the moonstone in the water of the blue dish for your pet to drink from. As they are drinking, dip the charm in the water, and place the collar on your pet as you repeat the chant. If your pet does not wear a collar, you may attach it to the outside of their cage/aquarium.

(It is not advised that you leave the moonstone in the water after working this spell unless it is large enough that your pet can’t swallow it accidentally.)

Posted by Lady Abigail