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Handcrafted pentacle altar tile measures approx. 5.5 inches across and is available in 6 colors.

Shipping Weight: 1lbs


Doll Babies (All Purpose)

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These beautiful doll babies are created as All Purpose Babies and may be used as you so wish.. Each baby is made uniquely and no two are alike.. Pictures are for demonstration only..

Doll Babies (Specialty)

Posted: July 30, 2012 in Magick Shoppe

These beautiful doll babies are created with a specific purpose in mind and not created until you order them.. Each baby is made uniquely with you in mind and no two are alike.. Pictures are for demonstration only.. (If you are needing a baby for a purpose other than the ones we have listed, please state the purpose in the notes section when ordering and I will make one for you).. Each baby comes dressed, decorated, and with a small bottle of specialty oil for your purpose..

Healing Spell For Animals

Posted: July 30, 2012 in Spells

This is a wonderful and very simple spell to protect the health of your beloved pet familiar.

Magickal Supplies Needed:
Brown spell candle
Anointing oil for healing or health.
Small Egyptian Ankh or pentacle charm.
Blue water dish for your pet to drink from.
If your pet wears a collar, take it off and fasten the Ankh or pentacle charm on it.

Anoint your candle with your magickal oil from bottom to top. Light your candle. (For safety reasons, you should not do this where your pet might be burned, although as long as you are supervising, it is best if they are in the room with you.)

Gaze into the flame and envision your pet healthy and vibrant with shining eyes and a glossy coat of fur. (Or scales, fins, wings, etc. depending on what type of animal you are working the spell for.)

Pass the moonstone through the smoke of the spell candle three times, each time chanting the following chant.

“Beloved friend and magickal familiar,
May the Goddess smile on you as healer,
Vibrant, strong and never ill,
Her light is yours to keep you well.”

Place the moonstone in the water of the blue dish for your pet to drink from. As they are drinking, dip the charm in the water, and place the collar on your pet as you repeat the chant. If your pet does not wear a collar, you may attach it to the outside of their cage/aquarium.

(It is not advised that you leave the moonstone in the water after working this spell unless it is large enough that your pet can’t swallow it accidentally.)

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This is an easy recipe for those of you wanting to try your hand at soap

You’ll need:

1 bar unscented glycerin soap — (4 oz.)
Metal cheese grater with large holes
1 Medium microwave safe glass bowl
9 drops Lavender essential oil
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 bottle with pump dispenser — (5 oz.)
tap water — measuring cup,
large metal mixing spoon, microwave

Grate the glycerin soap into the glass bowl. Add 1 cup tap water and stir. Microwave the soap and water for 1 minute on high heat. Remove and stir. Heat for another 30 seconds, then remove and stir again. If the soap is not completely liquefied, continue to heat at 10 second intervals until it is. Stir in the olive and essential oil. All the mixture to cool slightly,
then pour into the bottle.

Variation: Instead of using olive oil, you can use lighter oils, such as coconut, vitamin E, apricot or jojoba.

Courtesy of: Teresa Horn

Oracle Card Reading

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I work with the Faeries to find Insight, Wisdom, and Joy for you. Please include your name and birthdate along with your inquiry. i.e.: John Wayne Smith 01/01/1901 “What do I need to do to improve my relationship with my friend Suzy Q.?”

This month, the 13th falls on Friday and it has been become somewhat of a custom for Calypso Conjure to create a commemorative fragrance magickally formulated to transform bad luck into good

July 2012’s installment for the Friday the 13th collection is Happy Go Lucky. Based on an ancient Chinese medicine formula developed to help tonify and release Qi stagnation of Kidney meridian it is blended using only 13 of the finest wildcrafted and/or organic essential oils.

HAPPY-GO-LUCKY will be available for thirteen days, or until supplies are exhausted.

2 Dram bottle.–friday-july-13-2012-489193

TomAto ~ TOmato

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The day begins with on-the-fence energy when it comes to our confidence, with the Sun quincunx Pluto, but it ends with an energy that injects us with courage – the Sun trine Uranus, which perfects shortly into tomorrow. The morning’s quincunx points to a need to make adjustments in order to move forward. The latter part of the day, influenced by the Sun-Uranus trine, stimulates flexibility and openness to change. An original, unique approach to life is in order now, and works to our benefit. We may make some creative changes and discoveries, experiment with new possibilities, or invent a new way of doing things. The Moon is tough in Capricorn, from 3:30 AM EDT. We are more willing to put our self-nurturing desires aside in order to attend to business under this influence.

The Moon ends its void period today at 3:30 AM EDT, when the Moon enters Capricorn.

Venus This Week: On Monday and Tuesday, we benefit from a trine between loving Venus and realistic Saturn. While our affections may not be expressed colorfully or animatedly now, we are more realistic in our expectations of others and of our relationships. Relationships begun under this influence possess a distinctly practical theme, almost as if the partnership is a business endeavor, and have much potential to last. Wednesday and Thursday brings more flighty energy. The Sun semi-square Venus can stimulate irritations and restlessness. Ego matters can interfere with healthy relating patterns. Do your best to control yearnings for more and search for a creative solution for your inner dissatisfaction.
Venus trine Saturn July 30-31. Relationships are stabilized and steady, although feelings are expressed reservedly, formally, or sparingly. A new sense of realism and maturity in existing partnerships. Relationships begun under this influence possess a distinctly practical theme, almost as if the partnership is a business endeavor, and have much potential to last.

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July 30

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Dinosaur Days (Colorado)



History; Change; Spirituality; Fertility; Birth; Creativity


Reptiles; Seawater

About Tiamat:

The personification of creative, fertile forces in Assyro-Babylonian traditions, Tiamat gave birth to the world. She is the inventive power of chaos, whose ever-changing energy hones the human soul and creates unending possibilities for its enlightenment. In later accounts, Tiamat took on the visage of a half-dinosaur or dragonlike creature, symbolizing the higher and lower self, which must work together for positive change and harmonious diversity.

To Do Today:

Taking place at the Dinosaur National Monument, this festival celebrates the ancient, mysterious dinosaurs that speak of the earth’s long-forgotten past – a past that Tiamat observed and nurtured. One fun activity to consider for today is getting an archaeology dinosaur kit at a local science shop and starting to “dig up” the past yourself! As you work, meditate on the meaning of Tiamat’s energy in your life. The more of the bones you uncover, the more you’ll understand and integrate her transformative energy.

Carry a fossil in your pocket today to help you stay connected to Tiamat and her spiritual inventiveness. Or, wash your hands with a little saltwater so that everything you touch is blessed with Tiamat’s productive nature and cleansing.